My lifelong journey with linen

My name is Ilze Prūse, and I'm a linen fashion designer in the beautiful Piebalga region of central Latvia. 

"Baltie Darbi" means "White and Pure Works," and that's what my studio produces.

My grandmother was a master of handicrafts, and I've been sewing since I was a little girl. Today, I design and make stunning linen products for your wardrobe and your home. 

I'm inspired by the stunning nature of Piebalga and our rich craft traditions. My clothes combine reverence for history and contemporary style, using a wonderfully natural, versatile, comfortable material - linen.

We Latvians celebrate our Independence Day by gathering at the big family table, covered with a linen tablecloth. My video below shows the magic of linen on this special occasion.

Foto: Jānis Liflands, Una Gaile

Place: Landscapes of Piebalga, Rankas muiža

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